Why We Chose An All Drawer Kitchen

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Whether you are remodeling an old kitchen or designing a brand new one, usually the appearance of the kitchen is at the forefront of our mind. How is it going to look? What colors will I choose? Those questions are all great questions, but what happens the first time you cook in that brand new kitchen? Is it functional? does it flow? Is there enough storage? That last question was most important to me when designing my new kitchen! To achieve that, we chose an all drawer kitchen!

Our newly built farmhouse is just the right size for our family, but it's not huge. With a 1900 square foot home, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a playroom, we had to be very smart about making practical storage decisions. Now that we have lived here for about 6 months, I can honestly say that choosing to have all drawers in our kitchen was a great choice.

I've put together a list of reasons you should choose drawers over cabinets!


1. More convenient & functional

The standard cabinet is 2 feet deep. Anytime you need anything from the back of your cabinet, you have to get on your hands and knees! With a drawer, everything that is stored in the back can be pulled out for easy reach without having to move everything in front! I believe that one of the reasons drawers are so much more convenient is because you always have a birdseye view of what is in them. Have you ever gotten in a fight with your Tupperware cabinet, above your head? Yeah. Not pretty. Try a drawer full of Tupperware, it will change your life. We quickly discovered how much drawers changed our lives by the little things, like how quickly we can unload our dishwasher now!

2. Organization

A cabinet is like a big empty box! You can put some items on the bottom and stack others on top. The only problem is finding what you need when its time to put those things to use. With drawers, there are endless inserts you can purchase to keep things organized. Personally, we have only purchased one drawer organizer and a utensil organizer and even without the additional purchases, our drawers stay organized. A few of the drawers are even deep enough to hold our pots with the coordinating lid on it! This makes finding the right pot and lid quick and easy!

3. Space Saving

A lot of time with large cabinets, the upper space goes unused. By using the same amount of space your cabinet was taking up, you can fit two deep drawers or three standard drawers. Now, not only can you fit more items, but more organized items!

4. Appearance

Finally, the look! Maybe I am biased, but we absolutely love the look of our kitchen full of drawers. Its modern, clean, and beautiful. Also, if you are wanting the popular look of open shelving in your kitchen, you will have to sacrifice some of your upper cabinets. Drawers will make up for that missing storage up top! If you are wanting the functionality of drawers but not wanting to do a full kitchen renovation, there are drawer slides you can install inside your cabinets! Check out your local home improvement store to find the right ones for your cabinets!

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