No Sew Drop Cloth Curtains!

We have been on the hunt for the perfect curtains for our master bedroom french doors since we moved in! Everything was either overpriced or not the look I was going for! The view of the sunrise & cattle on the other side of those french doors is one of my favorite views in the world. However, in the morning, when you're not ready for that sun, curtains come in handy! I have seen this DIY numerous times over the last few years but I always thought, "Is it really that easy?" "Are they really going to look that good?" The short answer, YES! I would say the hardest part was hanging the rod. Below are the links & steps I used to create these easy & beautiful drop cloth curtains!

Here is what you'll need:

  1. Curtain Rod

  2. Drop Cloths (2 6x9 Medium Duty)

  3. Clip Rings (2 10 packs) Click here for more affordable Amazon Option

  4. Drill & level to hang curtain rod


  1. I would highly recommend washing and drying the cloths! It doesn't take much, I did a quick wash. Get them out of the dryer quickly and you won't need to iron!

  2. Hang your curtain rod! If you are going to fold your cloth over 1 ft at the top, as I did, remember this when deciding how high to hang your rod! you'll want the bottom of your cloth slightly touching the floor, too short isn't cute! (pictured below!)

  3. Layout your cloth on a flat surface and fold the top over! I folded mine 1 foot, this step is optional.

  4. Attach your clip rings to the top of your cloth! Space them out evenly. I used 10 clips on each cloth.

  5. Slide your rings on your rod & you're all done! No need to iron, your cloth will pleat naturally when bunched together!

If the height isn't just right, you can easily adjust it by changing the length of your fold!

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