3 Ingredient Calming Play-dough!

Its 8 pm and instead of the kids being calm & ready for bed, they are full of energy and bored. This is a problem a lot of parents face! What if you were to tell them, "Hey, let's get out the play-dough!" Well now, you can! This calming lavender-infused play-dough will keep them busy and calm whenever you need it most. While we were at it, we also created a morning wake-me-up play-dough with Citrus Fresh oils, and a Peace and Calming play-dough for those moments of tantrums!

What you will need:

- 1 Cup Cornstarch

- 1/2 cup Hair Conditioner

- Essential oil of your choice

- Food coloring (optional)


1.combine the cornstarch and conditioner in a bowl. mix with a spatula. it will seem like it's going to be too dry at first, keep mixing. Once well combined, start mixing with your hands to get it mixed in really well. After this, if it is feeling too sticky, slowly add a pinch more cornstarch until you can play with it without it sticking to your fingers.

2. Now that you have the play-dough perfect, its time to fold in your food coloring and essential oils. ALL DONE!

Lavender- Calming/before bed

Citrus Fresh & Lemon - Wake up your mind and body

Peace & Calming - Settle tantrums

To purchase the oils I used, click the image below!

(select a premium kit with the diffuser of your choice, you'll receive all of the oils I used today, a diffuser, 9 other oils, and a few more goodies!)

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